Jaipur issued new guidelines regarding lands of temple

By Accommodation Times Bureau


The State Government issued new instructions through a circular to remove problems related to the temple forgiveness or the land of Devmurti. After the revised instructions were issued, the priests who came from across the state expressed their gratitude to the Minister of State for Revenue Amaram on his official residence on September 13.

According to the circular, if the case of encroachment on the land is brought into meditation by the priest or patwari, the Tehsildar will take action against the encroachers as against the encroachment on the state land.

According to the circular issued earlier on December 13, 1991, with the removal of the name of the priest along with the idolatry in the jambandi, the name of the priest has not been mentioned separately in the register prescribed for it, than 13 In December 1991, the name of the priest or service in the jambandi will be registered in this register already being made.

It has been stated in the circular that those priests, who had got account holders in the form of account holders, lessee, Khadimdar and whose names have been dropped incorrectly and according to the instructions and clarifications of circulars issued on May 24, 2007, and November 25, 2011, May go. Once the legal test of the cases is found correct, the names of the registered account holders will be mentioned in the accounts column of Jamabandi.

It has also been instructed in the circular that by registering separately for the lands of the temple, the names of the priests should be recorded in accordance with the provisions of 13 December 1991. This register will also be linked to Jamabandi in the online form.

It has been said in the circular that as a guardian of the Pujari Temple, the temple will be able to make connections of electricity, drinking water, tube well etc. for the development of the land. They will be eligible for grants-in-aid on the basis of crop failure and subsidy on seeds, agricultural products etc. Apart from this, the priest will be able to become the operator and user after the name of the bank is the bank account.


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