JDA to act against lease money defaulters

By Accommodation Times Bureau


The Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) gets power to take strict action against the plot owners who have not settled the lease money. Under the Public Demand Recovery Act, the revenue department has granted Authority to take action.

An official said, “As it was toothless in absence of power, it was asking the right to take action on its own. The correspondence with the state government was ongoing for past many years. Since JDA issues notice to the defaulters, it has now given the power to seize the buildings,”

It added that more than 30 defaulters have not deposited the lease money but now the JDA has the power to accelerate the process and attach the defaulter’s bank account. JDA has to recover around Rs 20 crores from residential units and commercial.

A target to recover 40% of lease money from the defaulters has been given to all zone commissioners, a senior official said.

The deputy commissioners have also made a list of commercial units which have not deposited the lease money since allotment. To these defaulters, a notice will be sent and seven days time limit will be given to deposit the lease money and if the person fails the authority will scrap the allotment, an official said.

Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) has been committed to working for the benefit of the citizens of Jaipur with the planned implementation of development schemes and is consistently striving to take Jaipur at higher levels of progress. Jaipur is one of the most well-planned cities of its times and planned development has always been central to its ideology.

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