Journey of a Broker… Article I

vinayakHanchateBy Vinayak Hanchate, A Real Estate Broker

Accommodation Times Bureau

Chapter 1

Vishal Doshi

Vishal Doshi was in his late thirties and well-built for his age with a paunch getting obvious at

places. He was missing Diksha, his wife who had gone to her parents’ place which would be now a

week’s time. How he missed her during mornings……

A very peace loving character with hatred to violence, he was always calm though not the same in

his teenage and younger times. He was famous for his tantrums in the society and lots of ‘dadagiri’.

But over a period, time had made him wiser earlier than necessary for his circumstances.

When he thought about his early days he smiled warmly……

brokersHe was a first class commerce graduate with no inclination to do a job or for that matter to work

under anybody as was with all gujarathis. He started his ‘dhanda’ as his fellow ‘gujarathi’ and

‘marwari’ friends did. He was into readymade garments because his father, Ramnikbhai Doshi was

a garment shop owner and that was an obvious decision. But Vishal started his business during his

father’s last years of life when he had suffered a huge loss in his shop.

He wanted to make it big in the ready-made garment sector. He used to do a lot of marketing and

running around for his business. He was moderately successful and liked by most of garment

traders because of his nature and friendly manner.

He did this stint for 4 years and then shifted to plastic packaging as he got bored with the garments.

He tried this for next 3 years and was unsuccessful with it. The experience he gained for doing

business was great but not so financially. His friends used to admire his conclusion of any situation.

He had this earthy, approachable and ‘easy to talk to’ persona.

His stint with packaging business ended when he was sitting in his father’s empty shop which was in

the middle of market.

He was thinking about the payment receivables from 4-5 customers and frankly was doubtful about

it for at least 6 months. He did not have any money with him except for few thousands in the bank to

sustain his daily consumption. His mother was keeping ill for a long time after his father’s death.

When he was sitting in his shop, Panchalbhai from neighbourhood shops said,

‘Aare Vishalbhai, aapke paas itne jaga hai thoda mujhe jaga de do mere tailoring shopke liye’.

‘Kitna bhaada doge Panchalbhai?’

‘Jo market ka rate hai woh lelijiye’ said Panchal.

‘Aap side ki jagah hai na woh lelijiye. Uska darwaza bhi alag hai. Chalegaa?’ Vishal asked. ‘Aare

woh to badiya rahega mere liye, bus mera board lagane dijiye aage ke taraf ‘ Panchalbhai said.

‘Theekhai aap aadhe jagah par board laga lijiye. Deposit kitna doge aap?’ ‘Aare

jo deposit aabhi jeen ke paas hai woh aap lelijiye’ said Panchal. ‘Kabhi aiange

aap?’ asked Vishal ‘Aap bole to kal aa jaunga…..

‘Theek hai aajaeeye….

‘Toh yeh lejiye token ke paisee….

‘Aare Panchalbhai, hum aapko kitne saalose jaante hai, aap hi meri pant banate hoh, aapse kya

token lu’.

Panchalbhai said, ‘Vishalbhai vyawahar to vwawahar hai, usme kyo guunjaaish nahi. Aapke pitaji ki

sikh hai aur mujhe hamesha kaam aati hai. Mein bhi doosare ke saat vyawahar ekdam chokha rakta


‘Theek hai, theek hai…..

Vishal thought thanks to my father, I have now an asset which would give me a constant income.

He even started respecting his father’s long vision.

In a week’s time Panchalbhai had settled and there were occasional queries for his front sided

section of his shop.

Vishal thought there is a lot of demand for property in this market. Why not start an estate agency?

So he enquired with some neighbouring brokers to know about the scope of this sector. He got a

mixed response, but decided to go ahead because of his shop in the main market region. He got a

banner made named “Vishal Estate Agency”. Within six months, he did two small deals.

Meanwhile, he received his pending amount from the previous business. He was feeling better and

also gave encouraging response to his mother’s insistence about his marriage.

In the next four months he got married to Diksha.

Diksha was one of the three daughters from a middle class background and a college dropout.

She was fairly good-looking and suitable for Vishal in lot of many aspects.

While she was bubbly and chirpy, Vishal was calm and balanced. She could talk endlessly while

Vishal could listen endlessly. But within a year’s time of his marriage his mother expired and Vishal

drew close to and dependant on Diksha.

Vishal used to hate socializing and moving around while Diksha used to pull him from the shop to

visit different places like their relatives and shopping.

Over a period of time, Diksha gave up on Vishal and left him to his shop and business. But, Vishal

never stopped Diksha from doing whatever she enjoyed; only he insisted on her food which was

delicious and having morning cup of tea with her. She looked very beautiful during the morning tea

session just after her bath.

So they had settled and were blessed with a son; now two years old.

How badly he was missing her……

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