Judicial members charged a builder Rs. 40 lakh for environment damage

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By Accommodation Times Bureau



A Mumbai-based builder charged Rs. 40 lakh by the western zonal bench of judicial member U D Salvi and expert member Ranjan Chatterjee for his construction project in Vikas Valley, Lonavla. The members have asked the builder to pay the amount to the Lonavla Municipal Council as a penalty for environmental damage. The builder, apparently destroyed the vicinity by illegally cutting off the hill area and tree felling during the construction of the illegal road. The Municipal council has been appointed to restore the destroyed land of Vikas Valley, by the charges acquired by the developer.

The developer is charged under constructing an unauthorized road, causing damage to the tress in the surroundings and chopping of the hill. The developer is also demanded to pay Rs. 1 lakh to the the applicants who registered the damage and approached the National Green Tribunal (NGT).


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