Karjat, Matheran , Khapoli and Pali : Beware of Fraudulent NA Plot Schemes

paliBy Accommodation Times News Services

Hundreds and thousands of people who have booked plots and bungalow in Karjat, Pali, Khapoli are running pillar to post for promoters who have duped them in the name of NA plots. Non Agriculture (NA) permissions promised were never given. Even if given it was temporary for brick manufacturing or for funeral land.

Promoters have become confirming party and do not own land. Either joint development or some marketers who have become 40% partner in the projects take money, mostly cash, and run away. The project stalled because marketers take all the funds and do not give to land owner or actual promoters. Hence there is no funds for development.

Mostly legal impediments and lis pendency never took serious part in investigation of titles. Adiwasi Land or No Development Zones, Eco sensitive zones and forest are sold as NA plots with a assurance that NA permission already applied. Agreement for sale are entered into with different land survey numbers, or same plots are sold to ten different people by marketers and land lord / promoters separately or individually.

People get carried away with natural beauty but forget that maintenance cost will be more than the plot cost in next ten years. Theft is common in mufsil areas. Theft of cable, lights, pols, gates, in house burglary in local is very common. Police also do not take cognizance of such crime since locals are involved and “Mumbai ka Seth” do not have any say.

Promoters are selling Hills, Forest, River Beds, No Development Zones, Reserved Lands, Adiwasi Lands, already sold to many people land. Beware!

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