Karnataka RERA Flooded With Complaints against builders , 62 days-80 complaints

karnataka1By Accommodation Times Bureau

The Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA has been getting flooded with
complaints from homebuyers against builders almost every day , since the
Authority (RERA) came into force in Karnataka,.
"About 80 complaints have been registered against developers across the state in
the past 62 days. A majority of these complaints are against realty projects in
Bengaluru," said Karnataka RERA Chairman and Housing Secretary Kapil Mohan.
The commonest complaints among, are the delayed delivery of apartments or
houses and failure to provide promised amenities, added Mohan.
On July 10 th , Karnataka had notified the RERA Act, and also launched a portal on
July 24 th for builders and agents to register themselves and their projects. In this
portal a complaint window was also unveiled to enable buyers to file complaints
against builders.karnatakaAccording to the Act, a builder who fails to act even after a complaint is filed with
RERA by a homebuyer is liable to pay a penalty of 10% of the estimated cost of
the real estate project. On continued violation, the builder can be punished with
imprisonment up to three years.
"We will not straightaway levy a penalty on builders following complaints from
buyers and citizens. The affected parties will be given a hearing and addressing
their problems will be our aim. We want homebuyers to get justice early rather
than getting them embroiled in a legal tangle, as it happens in courts," Mohan said.

However, citizens are feeling that RERA is not working as effectively as it should.
They make a demand of having a permanent chairman and two members. The
principal secretary of the housing department is currently the interim chairman, but
sources said he was too busy with his main charge of redressing homebuyer
complaints, says G Prasad, a homebuyer who has complained against a reputed
builder with RERA.
He also adds,"The whole idea behind RERA and real estate rules was to look into
grievances of homebuyers. A tribunal under RERA is meant to assist in resolving
disputes. If that doesn't function properly, the whole purpose of having RERA gets

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