Karnataka will simplify land laws to attract the investors

karnataka coming out with new law to attract investors







By Accommodation Times News Service

 The government has offered to simplify the age old land reforms laws.

Yesterday the government tabled The Karnataka Land Reforms and Certain Other Law (Amendment) Bill, 2014, paving for cutting procedural delays in the government after a land has been allotted for various purposes under Karnataka Land Reforms Act,1961,and Karnataka Land Revenue Act,1964. Revenue minister V Srinivas Prasad tabled the bill.

Under the current system, a non-agriculturist with over Rs 2 lakh as annual income cannot buy agriculture land. However, the cabinet, state high-level clearance committee (SHLCC) or single-window committee, under powers vested in it, can allot land to industrial development, educational institutions, places of worship, a housing project and other purposes under section 109 of the Land Reforms Act.

Once allotted under section 109, the allottees must approach the district deputy commissioner (DC) for land conversion under section 95 of the Karnataka Land Revenue Act, 1964. With the legislature expected give a nod in next few days, the procedure of taking the DCs permission for conversion will be done away with.

The amendment bill also puts a stringent provision that industrialists, owners of educational institutions, places of worship, and developers of housing projects should surrender their lands to the government if they have not utilized the land for purpose for it was sanctioned within a period of 10 years.

“The unutilized land would be surrendered to the land bank of the government, failing which the exemption would be cancelled and same be forfeited to the government without paying compensation,” the bill said.


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