Katti Batti going on in Bihar Elections

Katti-Batti-CoverBy Dr Sanjay Chaturvedi, LLB, PhD.

Bihar, which gives 95% of IAS to the country is still in state of backwardness and poor hygiene. Manjhi and Paswan are two partners of BJP playing Katti Batti in Bihar. Two different mind set of people with attitude and arrogance may spoil BJP’s chances of wining Bihar Elections. While phony stats are given by Nitish Kumar to support his arguments in public, no other leader has guts to put a firm foot for Bihar Development.

Nobody talking development. It is Modi versus Opposition. But fact remains is on which are are the issues Bihar going to vote. A great chance given by Indian Federal composition cannot be missed. The self respect and development of society is at stake. It is not that simple for Bihar people to come out of religious sentiments or caste specific propaganda. But certainly, this time, it seems, the nation in no mood of experimenting. Be it BJP or else, people wants results and with no nonsense practices. Let there be people with education and expertise, rather than traditional fake leaders who just become MLA for business.

There will be casualties and loss of human lives for certain, it is not so easy to have fair elections, it will be up hill task for Election Commission.

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