Kerala Floods: Interest-Free Loan Of Rs 1 Lakh To Reschedule Damaged Houses

By Accommodation Times News Service


Pinarayi Vijayan CM of Kerala on August 23 said the government will provide the interest-free loan of Rs 1 lakh to reschedule damaged houses. In cooperation with banks the interest-free loan will be provided, he said at a conference.

“This will help the residents of the camps to re-establish their homes and loan would be given to the family head”, the minister of finance said.

In areas where natural habitats can be permanently affected, river basins, grasslands, slopes, slopes, and landslides may have to be rehabilitated to safe hubs during reconstruction. Or it may be re-emerged in such suffering. CM said that the government had initiated the initial discussions, an official release said.

“The problem is that land is not available for such rehabilitation”, he said. The decision will be taken after detailed discussions. He said that such matters can be decided on the basis of general opinion.

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