Lal Dora gets a nod for expansion from DDA

By Accommodation Times Bureau

DDA’s advisory group on 11 December has finally approved the extension of lal dora boundaries. In a meeting held the authority has authorized extending the village abadi area. Lal Dora actually came out during the time of British regime which used to be a red line drawn on maps delineating the village population from the nearby agricultural land for revenue records. The practice has continued till today and then ‘’lal dora’’ areas the villagers can build houses without building by laws and can get set up certain establishments without permission. The areas of lal dora are mainly in the south, southwest, north, northwest, west and east, according to the expert villagers have extended till outside boundary and occupied more areas. They will all form part of the lal dora extension. Local area plans will have to be made for each lal dora village to determine much area would come under lal dora.

In a meeting held the issue of Delhi Metro developing prime DDA land along its corridors was also discussed. The LG said that the issue would be taken up.

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