Land Pooling Policy issues discussed at a high level meeting

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UD Ministry asks Delhi Government, DDA, MCDs to sort out issues to enable notification of Regulations

Issues that are holding back the notification of Regulations concerning Land Pooling Policy were today discussed at a high level meeting chaired by Shri Rajiv Gauba, Secretary, Ministry of Urban Development.

Four issues in this regard were discussed with senior officials of the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of NCT of Delhi, Delhi Development Authority and North and South MCDS.

Issues to be resolved in this regard are : Notification of 89 villages as urban areas by North MCD(50 villages) and South MCD (39 villages), notification of a total of 95 villages as urban development areas, transfer of about 12% of developed land to Government of Delhi, waiver of stamp duty on transfer of developed land by DDA to farmers/promoters and verification of ‘Sajra’ maps for these villages by local authorities.

While North and South municipal bodies have passed resolutions for notifying 89 villages as urban areas, Government of Delhi has sought some clarifications regarding provision of civic amenities in the developed areas keeping in view the increase in population in a long term perspective. The two MCDs were asked by Shri Rajiv Gauba to expedite their reply to the Government of Delhi.

On transfer of developed land to the Government of Delhi, DDA stated that in accordance with the Mater Plan of Delhi, land would be provided to Delhi Government on need basis as is being done now. Delhi Government was requested to consider the issue of waiver of stamp duty on transfer of developed land to farmers/developers keeping in view that the final sale of developed real estate properties to buyers would result in significantly enhanced revenues through registration.

Delhi Government was also requested to expedite notification of the said villages as urban areas and development areas to enable early notification of Land Pooling Regulations by DDA.

Delhi Government officials assured that local revenue officials would at the earliest verify the ‘Sajra’ maps of these villages falling under land pooling ambit.

While the Land Pooling Policy was finalized in 2013, Regulations in this regard have been approved in May, 2015 and the same are still to be notified.

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