Lavasa Corporation not willing to return the land to tribal people

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Lavasa cityLavasa Corporation the creators of Lavasa City are not willing to return the 191 acres of land to the local tribals, which is actually declared as ‘tribal land’ and owned by them. State government has ordered the developers to return the land to the tribals, but a spokesperson from Lavasa Corporation said they will challenge the order in the court.

Few days back it was reported that Subhash Borkar, a sub-divisional officer (SDO) in the state revenue department, has directed Lavasa to return the land that was notified for tribals but given to the company. National Alliance for People’s Movement’s activist (NAPM) brought the matter in light and complained about it.

Lavasa Coporation is constructing a smart city a private hill city on 23,000 acres near Pune. The first phase will cover around 18,000 acres.

Lavasa in a statement had asserted that, It is the first time that the SDO declared 23.75 hectares of Lavasa Corporation’s (LCL) land as tribal land. The land records at no time showed these lands as Tribal Land nor did the records contain the mandatory remark to indicate that these were tribal land under Section 36 (a) of Maharashtra Land Revenue Code, 1966. LCL has not bought these lands directly from the allottees. These lands were sold by the allottees 15 to 20 years ago. And they have changed hands 2 or 3 times before LCL bought these lands from the latest owner on record.”

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