Lavasa township : Non Functional Layout

By A T Bureau

Lavasa townsip near pune is having unfunctional layout and bad town planning, feels experts. According to world standard and UN Habbitat Council, 30% of land of the township or urban area must be left on internal roads. Lavasa having roads less then the standard practice by almost keep it up to 12% on main internal roads.

CRZ and now CRM regulations, it seems relaxed, do not allow any construction within 500 mtrs of high tide lines. Instead of providing for openness on coastal areas and leaving place for roads, Lavasa is banking on water body and touching the cliffs of coastal water line.

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One thought on “Lavasa township : Non Functional Layout

  1. Totally wrong. The key word here is “urban” area. Lavasa is certainly not an urban setup. Can’t imagine the disaster if it had 30% reserved for internal roads ! Next, totally wrong again – 500 mtr high-tide mark APPLIES ONLY TO LAND TOUCHING THE OCEAN. Certainly not a small lake like Warasgaon. 

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