Accommodation Times join hands with LIN for subscriber’s contact detail management

By Accommodation Times News Services

LIN LogoIn our stride for continous innovation for enhanced customer service to deliver information on real estate in India through digital channels, we are pleased to inform you about our partnership with LIN, a new age contact management platform from Aadoo Innovations, UK.

Going forward, we will be using LIN to register, manage and keep updated your subscription for Accommodation Times. You can find us on LIN at Accommodation Times and add to your favourites.

LIN is a unique application on mobile and web, for individuals and business organisations, to conveniently manage and share their up to date contact details and geo location not only with Accommodation Times but also with friends, family, business associates and other permitted parties. This application is privacy friendly and the information visible to others is fully controlled by you, providing security and protection to your personal and business information.

Register on LIN using any of the below option

Google StoreLIN4Me WebsiteApple app Store

Once you are registered, the application generates a unique alpha numeric code (LIN Number) that represents your physical address, phone number and email. This unique private code LIN will be property of the user for the lifetime and remains constant even if the contact details change. Just connect with Accommodation Times using LIN so next time you change your address, just update it at LIN and rest assured that your subscription of Accommodation Times will reach you at your latest address.

There are many additional features currently provided by LIN for both individuals and organisations like fix your location on map, navigation with a click, personalised public profile and there are many more functionalities in pipeline. To learn more click About LIN and FAQ’s.

In case of any queries or issues, please feel free to reach us at (+91)-2226114221 and Also, you can use this mobile number and email id to search us and connect with us securely on LIN.

We wish you a very happy engagement with Accommodation Times and LIN!

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