Living, the integrated way

By Deepak Nair, Head Marketing, JP Infra Mumbai Pvt Ltd

As cities become more and more chock-a-block, developers are looking at evolving peripheral areas in a way that customers would love to live in.

If you were in Mumbai, looking for a home, and someone suggested you a place on the outskirts to live in, what would your reaction be? Perhaps, that of non-agreement. After all, we have this notion that living on the outskirts of a city more or less equals to residing in a gaaon, with limited facilities and amenities. However, now that is changing, thanks to a novel concept. Welcome to the model of integrated township, where life on the outskirts is just as easy as in the city.

For those unaware, the concept of integrated living focuses not only on the property but also the aspect of infrastructure within the project. The key feature of these integrated townships is that they offer customers with more than just a house. When buying a home here, buyers get access to several amenities like a gymnasium, swimming pool, a shopping arcade, park, etc. The kind of features depends on the type of the project and the developer’s plan. This concept has caught up so fast in the real estate sector in the last few years that more projects are being presented to prospective buyers as integrated townships.

So, why do we need integrated townships? For starters, the pace at which our cities are expanding, land in central areas would be exhausted, leaving the peripheries to be used. Because these areas may not have as much amenities as the central areas in the city, the concept of an integrated township is an excellent as well as the plausible solution. With the onus of infrastructure development on the developers, this concept could help decongest the central areas of the city, giving people an option to settle elsewhere without compromising on their lifestyle.

Integrated townships fulfil a lot of your needs, all within a walkable distance. A lot of them provide healthcare centres, schools, shopping centres, sports facilities, gyms, recreational spaces and a lot more! With so many facilities available in your residence itself, you save time and need to go elsewhere. The availability of all these makes an integrated township ideal for both the young and the old, for children will have their parks and elders will have their recreational centres in the vicinity.

Since a lot of these townships are located in areas far off from the cities, they become an urban oasis. Away from the corporate jungle, they will be nestled in nature and will be replete with landscaped gardens, lakes and lush green lawns. Now, this is something that’s rare to find in a highly saturated city.

Apart from providing buyers with these benefits, integrated townships make for a great opportunity for investment, since there is a surging interest in them compared to standalone properties, which translates into higher returns. Moreover, the presence of vast commercial space alongside residential units will drive more demand, leading to a higher appreciation. Hence, while cities continue to expand, these could provide a better option, without giving up on your standard of living.


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