Lok Sabha passes Land Acquisition Bill considering nine amendments

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Rajya SabhaAfter many difficulties and facing huge  huge protest from the opposition, Lok Sabha finally passed the Land Acquisition Bill with a total of nine amendments. Congress, Trinamool Congress, Samajwadi Party, RJD and BJD walked out of the House while NDA ally Shiv Sena abstained as the Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement (Amendment) Bill 2015 was passed by voice vote.

Another NDA ally Swabhimani Paksha moved an amendment which was negated. In an attempt to placate the opposition and some unhappy allies, government brought nine official amendments and added two clauses to the controversial legislation.

Notwithstanding its majority in the Lok Sabha, government reached out to its allies, making last minute calls to their leaders to persuade them not to break ranks. Opposition had moved 52 amendments, which were either negated or were not pressed for by the members. An amendment was moved by

The bill is now set for the real test in Rajya Sabha where the NDA is in a minority and opposition is united in opposing it or sending it to a Parliamentary Committee.

Even while moving the bill for consideration, Rural Development Minister Birender Singh said the government has already incorporated several suggestions, many of them offered by the opposition, and was willing to accept any more suggestions of the opposition if those were in the interest of farmers.

The bill is now set to face a major hurdle in Rajya Sabha where NDA is in a minority and some allies are also not on board.

Final list of 9 amendments

1. Social infra under PPP no more in exempted category
2. Panchayat’s nod may be mandatory for acquiring tribal land
3. Govt may acquire land for govt bodies, corporations
4. Farmers may get right to appeal/complain over land acquisition hearing and redressal of grievances at the district level
5. Ceiling on land for acquisition in industrial corridors
6. Hassle free mechanism for grievance redressal of land losers
7. Replace term ‘private entity’ with ‘private enterprise’
8.Limiting the industrial corridor to one km on both the sides of the highways and railway lines
9.Compulsory employment to one member of the affected family of farm labourers.

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