Madras HC directs authorities to raze commercial complex

RERA-2By Accommodation Times Bureau


The Madras High Court (HC) has directed the authorities to remove illegal constructions and encroachments in public places and also to raze a commercial complex.

The Bench comprising Justice S Vaidyanathan and Justice M Venugopal observed, “Land encroachments were like cancer that slowly ate lung spaces of lands and definitely there will be no breathing space for anyone on earth.”

Madras HC alerted officials who failed to raze the building will be punished.

The matter relates to appeal by the petitioners looking to end last year’s orders of the Housing Department and Naravari Kuppam Town Panchayat as well to raze a commercial complex in Red Hills for violations.

The petitioners challenged the two orders after unsuccessful litigation which reached finality at the highest level in the Supreme Court (SC).

The bench dismissed the petitions of R Jayalakshmi and D Rajappa and said regularization examined under a government order of 22nd June 2017 cannot be invoked now by petitioners since the issue attained finality in view of an SC order.

The bench said, building, a commercial complex in question shall be raised to the ground.

“The government should attempt to remove the illegal construction and also encroachments in public places like roads, parks, open space reserved as observed by the Supreme Court,” the bench said.


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