Maha Government legalised illegal activities

By Dr Sanjay Chaturvedi

Charging flower bed, lift wells, common areas may be illegal act since they are not counted in FSI, but government of Maharashtra had legalised it by charging premium on it and allowing developers to legally charge from the actual user. The notification of premium on free FSI is out and in offing.

Super built up is now legalised from back door. In super built -up, developers use to include balcony, flower bed, staircases, lift wells, common areas on carpet area and sell 500 sq.ft. flat as 900 sq.ft. If plans are passd for 500 sq.ft., how come authorities register it at 900 sq.ft.? If a land is admeasuring 100 sq.ft., how come the documents show it as 160 sq.ft. while registrering. The tehsildars, talati and circle will object to the document while doing survey. Same way why cant government set a circuit in Property Cards that a plan passed flat for 500 sq.ft. cannot be registered at 900 sq.ft.
The government is greedy and allowing illegal activities. In the name of revenue from stamp duty and registration charges, government overlook its responsibility towards poor flat purchasers who pays through his nose all the charges including stamp duty and registration.
Now the government of Maharashtra wants poor flat purchaser to pay official premium also. Builders were selling the uncounted FSI of flower beds etc. and keeping the revenue with them only. Now Maha Government wants this to be deposited with government at market rate. Instead of restricting builders to charge for free FSI, Government of Maharashtra wants their share in the loot and legalise the illegal activities.

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