Maha govt won’t submit new town planning Act before HC for approval

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By Accommodation Times Bureau

The State Government has stated in the House, that it will not submit the amended Maharashtra Regional Town Planning Act to regularize illegal structures before the Bombay high court.

Senior urban development department officials said the state government had presented its policy for regularization of illegal structures in Mumbai, twice before the HC but it had been rejected both the times.

The department will firstly issue the guideposts to apply the amendment within a month. “The amendment is to ensure violations that can be condoned and regularized will be done. For instance, many times, residents construct without permission. Often, the construction is permissible, but since it was without permission, it becomes illegal. Similarly, sometimes there is violation of margin spaces,” the official said.

The bill stated that those attempting to regulate their construction can do so by paying compounding charges, infrastructure charges and a premium. But only structures in conformity with Development Control Regulations can be regularized. The plots over 10,000 sq ft. will not need to get previous sanction for prosecution of unauthorized constructions.

The officials also added, “The cabinet approved a proposal to carry out the regularization by amending the MRTP. Since it’s a law enacted by a legislative body, the government does not need such proposals to submit to court. Though It can be challenged before the HC and then the government will present its stand.”

But, It is yet to be approved by the governor.

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