Maha RERA adds online payment facility for hearing complaints against unregistered projects

By Rohit Sharma


Providing ease to the complainant now, a consumer can file a hearing complaint against the unregistered project with Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (Maha RERA) by making payment of Rs 5,000 with the regulatory.

The regulator has set up a online payment mode for hearing complaints against unregistered.

The regulator on August 14, in a, vide circular signed by Dr Vasant Prabhu, Secretary, Maha RERA it stated that Maha RERA is in process of adding facility of making an online payment for hearing complaints against unregistered projects. ln, this application the informant will be able to make a payment of Rs 5,000. It Further added, “This payment facility will be available till the online payment facility is made available and after that, this facility will be automatically discontinued.”

As of now, over 17,400 projects have been registered in the state and over 3,830 complaints have been filed with the regulator from which 2,219 orders have been passed and 1038 complaints are pending.

The details of offline payment receipt along with the Serial No generated while filing of Source information should be mailed to Maha RERA, circular said.

The state regulator has added a category on its website “Non-Registration”, under it one can inform the authority about the project and also at the same time can present his case before the authority by paying the fee.

Earlier, the complainant had to send an e-mail regarding the unregistered projects and later on authority use to direct the promoter to register the project. After that complainant can file a case with the regulator, a source said.

While filling the form for filing a hearing complaint with authority it says that “As a rule Maha RERA keeps Source Informant details confidential and takes strict action on each application. However, in case you want a hearing with authority to present your case, your details may not be confidential.”


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