Maharashtra Govt approves Excluded Part 1 – 168 of DP, boosts redevelopment in Mumbai

By Rohit Sharma


The Maharashtra government has sanctioned Excluded Part No. EP -1 to EP 168 of the said Development Control and Promotion Regulations (DCPR) – 2034 on September 21, DCPR was sanctioned on May 18.

Town planning authority has appointed an officer to give hearings and submit his report to the Government on the objections/suggestions received by him. Whereas, the said Officer after giving a hearing in respect of the objections and/or suggestions received from the general public, on the said Excluded Part No.EP-1 to EP168 in respect of Development Control and Promotion Regulations-2034, and has submitted his report to the Government on August 24. The Director of Town Planning, Maharashtra State, on August 29 also submitted his report on the aforesaid report of the said officer.

State government after consulting the Director of Town Planning, Maharashtra said, “On  October 24, 2018, the said Excluded Parts as described in the Schedule-A shall come into force.”

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