Maharashtra Govt Issue Rules To Regularize Pre-2015 Illegal Structures

mantralayaBy Accommodation Times Bureau

The state urban development department on October 7 has issued rules for illegal
structures to get them legalized paying the predefined penalty.
The illegal constructions carried out before December 31, 2015 in residential,
commercial and industrial zones , all will be considered for declaration as
'compounded structure; on payment of compounding charges.
Once the owners or residents of these structures pay the charges, the structures will
not risk demolition. However, no new development would be permitted in such
constructions whereas repairs and maintenance are permitted. Reconstruction or
redevelopment will be allowed only if the prevailing regulations permit it.
Unauthorized construction on land reserved for railways, roads, metro will be
considered provided the reservation is shifted. A No Objection Certificate will be
needed to obtain from the agency that owns the public land. Illegal structures in
buffer zones, structurally unsafe buildings etc will not be considered, said the
Meanwhile, the urban local body is required to issue a public notice and announce
the timeline during which applications will be accepted. Applications submitted
after that will not be considered, said the notification.

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