Maitreya Group’s 308 properties to be seized

By Accommodation Times Bureau


The state’s depositors wing has ordered to confiscate 308 properties of integrated company  Maitreya Group on Sunday. The firm has 30 cases registered under the financial fraud.

The investigation and information of depositors have been made available through the records of the financial establishments of the group and further investigations are being conducted by the police, an official said.

In this cheating case, the monitoring committee has been established to investigate the crime and coordinate the proceedings in the office of the Director General of Police.  According to the Protection of Interest Act, 1999, Maharashtra Depositors (Financial Institutions) have been ordered to confiscate 308 properties so that the depositor’s money is returned. A special government prosecutor and a competent authority have been appointed to carry out legal disputes by completing the judicial process in respect of these 308 properties.

The investigation is ongoing and the process of seizing the remaining assets is underway, an official said.

After the judicial process is completed, the depositor will be able to get their deposits through competent authorities. Therefore, it has been informed that the depositor should submit an application to the police without seeking contact with the other person or the mechanism regarding getting their deposits back.


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