Make all existing & future govt,commercial buildings in the country energy efficient

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By Accommodation Times Bureau

The power ministry has set its sights on achieving an estimated Rs 35,000 crore annual savings by making all existing and future government as well as commercial buildings in the country energy efficient in the next few years and use the saved electricity to light up poor homes and energize irrigation pumps.The government is aiming to achieve this goal through the Energy Conservation Building Code-2017, framed by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency under the ministry and using Energy Efficiency Services Ltd to push application of energy efficient lighting and appliances.

“How much electricity does a poor household with a fan, a few lights — and maybe we can give them a cooler — need every month? Maybe 30-40 units? Now do your math. Just imagine how many poor households can be powered free of cost; how many farmers can be given free power for their pumps from the savings,” power, coal, renewable and mines minister Piyush Goyalsaid after releasing the code on Monday.

India also consumes about 1,100 billion units of electricity evry year. Residential and commercial buildings consume about 37% of total electricity consumption. This makes conservation an absolute imperative as one billion square metres of new commercial buildings are expected to be added by 2030.

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