Marine Drive makeover to start by October: MMRDA

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By Accommodation Times News Service

The long pending plan of the Marine Drive beautification seems to have got a kick start with the construction process start by October. MMRDA has begun tendering the process once it received the approval of its executive committee.

Way back in 2004, the first phase of the makeover was halted due to some reasons, but in July 2013 the work again started with the second phase after it received the clearance from the Maharashtra Coastal Zone Management Authority.  Metropolitan commissioner UPS Madan said, we have approved the master plan, the beautification work should commence soon. The plan has hit the rough waters over monetary issue but after negotiations the consultant has bought down the percentage form 9.55 to 4.5%.

MMRDA work involves construction of a promenade around NCPA, constructing of a space to exercise, construction of a promontory by extending the promenade, installation of memorabilia signage and railings. Not only MMRDA but BMC and Godrej will also the spenders in the plan where BMC work to be carried out is construction of walkway, landscaping of Chowpatty which will cost around Rs.22.06crore to them. Godrej will be restoration and conservation of the heritage Parsi Gate costing Rs 2.2crore and Best will do the lighting scheme and electrical works for the entire promenade worth Rs. 4.4crore.

Sources of MMRDA said, tenders for the makeover plan of the 4.3km road will be issued in May as it is supposed to design the various features. We will submit the design to the respective authorities,. Subsequently they will have to implement the features. We expect the tender process to start in May and the actual construction work to start by October.

The makeover plans which will cost Rs 78.24crore is expected to be complete by 2015.

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