Marketing Interns doing great marketing for Rs 5k in Real Estate

brokersBy Accommodation Times Bureau

Schools of Business and Management all over the country are preparing skilled force in India. Huge work force is under training and testing deep waters in business process. Students and their institutes are placing such student under internship with business houses especially in Real Estate marketing and sales.

Students of MBA and PGDBA are raring to take up sales and marketing assignments. These interns are being hired for as low as Rs5,000/- per month and usually available for two months. Institute like NMIMS, IBS and Bajaj keep a close eye and watch on such students. These trained students are having young ideas and management techniques to process business under international business process, tolls and variances.

These enthusiastic young brigade wants to work for their training in real time and want to upgrade their resume. Even overseas students, Indian students came from abroad after graduation wants practicle training. They are extra cautious about their work . Skill they posses needed to be proven hence they take such short assignments.

Real Estate industry which is paying very high salary to project in-charge and sales and marketing staff are hiring such intern for not only cost effectiveness but also for new techniques of business they possess.

Website like internshala and others are good bridge between employer and interns who are looking for such interns. Accommodation Times Institute of Real Estate Management is also providing such interns to the industry. You may visit the institute web site here:

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