Marketing trends, strategies and future of marketing

By Dhaval Ajmera – Director, Ajmera Group

The last decade has seen marketing surface as a key component in the advertising and branding of an organisation. Apart from uplifting the brand image and being the winning formula to generate more B2B Leads, marketing also helps organisations reach their target audience which, in turn, leads to enhanced sales.

One such industry that has accomplished significant growth in marketing especially digital marketing is the Real Estate Industry. From enhanced sales to heightened outreach, the online space has proved to be a game changer for the property sector and is guaranteed to transform the Real Estate Industry In 2018. Here are some of the effective real estate marketing trends that you can apply for your brand as well.

Digital Marketing – In today’s world, most people begin shopping for everything online, including real estate. Having a strong Internet presence such as websites and online advertising is crucial to capturing these customers and turning them into clients. The digital market in India has expanded tenfold after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s famous initiative “Digital India”. Having a good presence online is one of the key factors in the growth of the business.

Technology – Virtual & augmented reality famously known as VR & AR respectively has changed the current marketing scenario. It has enabled the consumer to go on a virtual tour of the property from anywhere in the world. Such technological advancements have enhanced the customer experience. Now, if the consumer cannot come to see the property, the property can go to him, which helps in generating more and more leads and results in less time wastage.

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