Marketing trends, strategies and future of marketing

By Dhaval Ajmera – Director, Ajmera Group

The last decade has seen marketing surface as a key component in the advertising and branding of an organisation. Apart from uplifting the brand image and being the winning formula to generate more B2B Leads, marketing also helps organisations reach their target audience which, in turn, leads to enhanced sales.

One such industry that has accomplished significant growth in marketing especially digital marketing is the Real Estate Industry. From enhanced sales to heightened outreach, the online space has proved to be a game changer for the property sector and is guaranteed to transform the Real Estate Industry In 2018. Here are some of the effective real estate marketing trends that you can apply for your brand as well.

Digital Marketing – In today’s world, most people begin shopping for everything online, including real estate. Having a strong Internet presence such as websites and online advertising is crucial to capturing these customers and turning them into clients. The digital market in India has expanded tenfold after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s famous initiative “Digital India”. Having a good presence online is one of the key factors in the growth of the business.

Technology – Virtual & augmented reality famously known as VR & AR respectively has changed the current marketing scenario. It has enabled the consumer to go on a virtual tour of the property from anywhere in the world. Such technological advancements have enhanced the customer experience. Now, if the consumer cannot come to see the property, the property can go to him, which helps in generating more and more leads and results in less time wastage.

New wave marketing – It is no surprise that the digital zone has maximised the reach for many brands over the years. Similarly, the real estate players have capitalised on it in a major way. With features like a 360-degree view and panoramic images, many real estate sites have now opted to show an all-around view of their property along with panoramic images and videos. This helps the customer to better understand and identify the property according to his convenience and preferences.

Such tools are proving to be really efficient in marketing the product and reaching out to a huge number of people at the same time. Similarly, some of the Marketing Strategies that companies use to attain maximum output.

Programmatic Advertising – The usage of display advertising is very efficient when it comes to reaching out to a maximum number of people. Search engines and social sites like Google and Facebook provide maximum output and help in strategizing things. It also helps in targeting people at higher executive levels like CEO’s & CFO’s. Marketing channels are constantly increasing and helping companies with potential enquiries, site visits and advance booking.

Lead management system – Lead management system is very important as it helps us in tracking relevant enquiries by potential home buyers. If a customer has inquired about a particular property, then it is imperative to know which channel he came from and if his enquiry has been resolved or not. Post that, regular follow-ups take place on time which later culminates in site visits and even final bookings. For managing this cycle of a prospect to site visits one has to use Lead Management System tools for customer satisfaction and a maximum output of customer channels.

Planning, Organising & execution – The crux of all the strategies have to be Planning. Without planning and a clear understanding of goals, it is difficult to execute things properly. It is crucial to plan each and every aspect of moving forward. Be it budgeting, selection of relevant mediums, targeting the prospect, positioning of the brand, drafting creative content and coordination with supply vendors. Setting a plan, organising manpower along with resources and then working towards a common goal through flawless execution is what gives you maximum desired output.

Marketing is definitely the core on which the business runs. With the onset of various mediums and channels, it is sure to keep evolving. The digital medium has further provided marketing experts to be more creative and open in their approach. New wave methods are flooding the market and companies are evolving with it to further expand their reach and visibility.


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