MCG allowed division of plots less than 1,000sqm

By Accommodation Times News Service

The city municipal corporation has sent a proposal to the state authorities asking them to allow sub-divisions of plots measuring less than 1,000 square metres at a nominal fee. At present, owners whose plot is less than 1,000 square meters cannot further divide it.

According to a source, their have been some cases in the past where owners in connivance with MCG officials have managed to divide such plots and have got their building plan approved as well. One of the officials said, due to the clause that prohibits further division of plots, residents do it on the sly and that is why we want that state government to give us the permission so that we can officially divide such plots. Adding further he said there are around 77 applications pending who want to divide the plot so that they can sell them further. We have proposed that we will collect a sub-division charge of around Rs 60 per square meter from those who want to divide their 1,000 square meter plot into further small portions.

One this relief is granted to the residents such case where they are done illegally will come down. We hope the state authorities allow us to carry out these changes.

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