MCGM to penalise builders for not incorporating rainwater harvesting system in their constructions

The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai shall now penalise the developers in the city for not incorporating rainwater harvesting systems in their construction projects.

A recent survey by a Mumbai based NGO on 50 societies in the city that are constructed after 2007, has revealed that none of them are provided with the rainwater harvesting system. It was found that All these buildings had allegedly obtained OCs from the MCGM after submitting plans showing the systems already  installed.

In 2002, the MCGM had made it compulsory for all the buildings on an area of more than 1,000 square meters to have a rain water harvesting plant. Later in 2007, the government made it mandatory for all the buildings on more than 300 square meters. The provision was incorporated in the development control rules.

It has been found that almost 95% of the plans have  remained just on the paper.Most of such buildings are in the western suburbs of the city. Since this is the issue related to the environmental concern, it is necessary to form a committee which looks into the matter and takes action against the builders as well as civic officials who give OCs without checking the ground reality.

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