Mega Protest & Shanti Yagya at JP AMAN ,Sec 151,Noida on 24th Feb

JP Aman NoidaBy Staff Reporter

Accommodation Times Bureau

Delhi, 23rd Feb 2017: In a Press release, Buyer Association of JP Aman at Sec 151 say that they are forced to organise Mega Protest & Shanti Yagya at JP AMAN ,Sec 151,Noida on 24th Feb. The Press Release said :-

we the members of JAY PEE Aman Buyers Association” have decided to conduct a mega protest at the construction site due to the repeatedly fake promises and unacceptable excuses given to us by JP Infratech representatives in the last 4 years and the construction at the site remained at stand still.
We tried our best to fix up an appointment with Mr Manoj Gaur, the director of JP Infratech in the last one month or so with the help of SSP Noida City Mr Grover but our request have never been heard and Mr Gaur never meet us to listen to our grievances.
Collectively all the members of the association have decided to call Mr Manoj Gaur at the site for a meeting on 24th Feb and incase  he doesn’t turn up for the meeting we along with out families and kids will not move from the site and are ready to put our life on stake by staying at the construction site in that deserted place even overnight if required till Mr Gaur meets us in person.

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