Messed Up: Sub-Registrar’s Office Documentation

By NPG Nair
By NPG Nair

Thanks to the authorities concerned, here at Goregaon we have three full-fledged registration counters working at the Sub-registrar’s office. This center is supposed to cater to the real estate needs of the entire Goregaon and Malad areas. Thoughtfully, the authorities have equipped each center with computer scanning systems. And to take care of the daily load each such center, we are told, is allotting 40 tokens a day for registration of both sale and Leave & License documents as a package.

This arrangement was introduced by the authorities somewhere around the year 2004. Ever since then it has become an additional facility for both the customers and the Agents there of who facilitate the entire job involved in the process of Registration. This was necessitated for the obvious reason that the procedures are a bit complicated for the common folks to handle direct.

Documents for registration are taken in for processing against a token issued by the department advance. One has to take this before a day of its working by intimation on the phone. Imagine, hundred of flat seekers both for buying and leasing out are trying continuously on phone right from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m., the time limit permitted. No more calls are entertained after 11am. And those who fail to obtain his time slot has to once again wait for the next morning working day to do the same exercise. Please understand the extreme inconvenience the people have to put up with in this regard.

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