MHADA cancels all the NOCs given to 18 cessed buildings

By Accommodation Times News Service

It seems that Mhada is very strict when it comes to redevelopment, as cancelled the No-Objection Certificate (NOC) which it has granted for 18 projects between 2002 and 2004. According the officials the reason behind these cancellations is is that the NOC holders have not even started with a brick.

Cessed buildings are structures in the island city from Colaba to Sion and Mahim built before 1970 that pay a cess to MHADA for maintenance. Currently, there are about 14,000 such buildings in the city, with many of them built before 1940.

Adding further the official added, we found that the developers had not started any work, and in many cases, after getting NOCs they had not even visited the tenants of the buildings. Then, there were some cases where the redevelopment had not taken off due to differences between the NOC holder and the occupants of the buildings,” said a senior official from MHADA’s repair and reconstruction board.

The buildings for which the NOCs were cancelled are mostly located in areas such as Fort, Bhuleshwar, Malabar Hill, Cumbala Hill, Lalbaug, Parel, Mahim and Dadar. They include structures such as Daginawala mansion in Mahim, Tawadia mansion in the Fort division, Amrut Niwas at Dadar and Meghwadi at Lalbaug.

We decided to cancel the 18 NOCs because in most of the cases, the certificate holder did not even respond to our showcause notice. We gave them multiple chances to turn up for hearings, but they did not. In the case of a small building in Parel housing six tenements, the original NOC holder died, while his legal heirs were not traceable. Scrutinising NOCs and revoking them if work has not started for several years, is now going to be an ongoing exercise. If any of the buildings for which NOCs were cancelled want to go in for redevelopment, they can come to MHADA with a fresh proposal,” the official said.

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