MHADA identifies 14 most dangerous buildings in city

By Accommodation Times News Services

dilapidated building 5As monsoon is soon to be arrived Mumbai’s housing authority has commenced measures to ensure safe monsoon for city’s buildings. The Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (Mhada) has conducted annual pre-monsoon survey for dangerous buildings in the city and has declared 14 buildings in Mumbai as extremely dangerous.

Authorities have sent notices to the 537 tenants residing in the 14 building to vacate them immediately.

It is expected that the tenants will vacate the buildings by the end of the month. As per, the Mhada official, temporary accommodation is arranged for the tenants at transit camps and will be provided it the repairing work is accomplished.

But, residents are not willing to leave their homes, as they might have to spend years in transit camps, due to delays in redevelopment of their buildings which can be caused because of various reasons. Official said, if they won’t vacant the premises force eviction will be carried on, as staying in such buildings is highly dangerous.

The 14 structures named this year, are Esplanade Mansion at Fort, 44-46 Kaji Street / 94-102 Masjid Street, 98-102 Alli Umar Street, 188-190 Dr. Vigas Street, 42-48 Mangaldas Road, 1-13 Vittaldas Road, 110-114 Sant Sena Marg, 230-234 Sant Sena Maharaj Marg, 26 Kharva Gully, 39 Chowpatti Sea face, 55-57 Nagdevi Cross Lane, 277 Narshinath Street, Bldg. No. 229-235 Laxman Niwas, Bldg. No. 107 Lucky Mansion, Bldg. No. 96F Mathura Bhava.

At present, there are 14,858 dilapidated structures in the island city, which were constructed prior to 1969. As many are cessed structures, their repairs are undertaken by the Mhada repair board.

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