MHADA survey has indentified almost 16 cessed buildings

By Accommodation Times News Service

A pre-monsoon survey conducted by the Mumbai Buildings Repairs and Reconstruction Board of the MHADA this year has found 16 cessed buildings to be in dilapidated, very dangerous condition. In 2012, there were only 12 such buildings. Out of these 16 cessed buildings 9 were on previous list also.

Mhada chairman has written to the chief minister requesting the use of special powers to evict the 683 tenants from the 16 cessed buildings. There is no point in the exercise if people do not heed the notice. The government should permit us to use special powers such to forcibly evict the tenants.

Officials of the Mumbai Buildings Repairs and Reconstruction Board said of the 683 tenants living in these 16 cessed buildings, 144 have relocated to transit camps and eviction notices will be sent again to the remaining tenants. Mr. Mohan Thombre the chief officer of board said, the tenants should be concerned about their lives and relocate to transit camp. Residents should vacate these premises immediately and go to transit camps. It is only right now the safeguard we can offer.

According to recent study and survey the Mumbai Transformation Support Unit has revealed that merely 8% of the 16,000 odd cessed buildings in the city have been redeveloped since 1999.

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