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The procedure for transfer of MHADA Societies is simple . You would be surprised to know that MHADA authorities transfer the flats even if the NOC is not obtained from the Society . Suppose the name of A is in MHADA’s record and the flat has been sold to B. Thereafter B sells the flat to C. In society’s record A is the member. In such cases MHADA authorities can transfer the flat in the name of C even if the flat has not been transferred in B’s name in the records of the society. However society must in our opinion ensure that all transfer formalities between A and B and From B to C are complied with by the parties.

For all those societies which has taken ownership from MHADA and conveyance, need not to go to MHADA for any transfers. After lock in period the transfer need not go to MHADA for any NOC.

MHADA Transfers are only required when the society and property is owned by MHADA. Any Cess building coming under Repair Board needs to go to MHADA for any transfer or Redevelopment proposals under 33(9) or (7).

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