Mill workers free housing issue standstill

On 2nd October mill workers threatens to protest against the Maha Govt.

Mumbai: State government led by Prithviraj Chavan is still unable to take any decision to providing free housing to mill workers. Pertaining to progress in this issue mill workers have decided to stage protest against the Maharashtra government on 2nd October.
Whereas after day-long deliberations and political diplomacies on free housing to mill workers, the Shiv Sena led alliance on Saturday called off its proposed Mumbai bandh on August 1. Chief minister Prithviraj Chavan’s diplomatic intervention and practical approach towards the solution made the alliance to soften its stand on the bandh. However, state govt. yet haven’t taken any action.
Following to standstill state in the issue of mill worker housing, Datta Ishwalkar of the Grini Kamgaar Sangharsh Samiti said that mill workers will assemble near the Gandhi statue near Mantralaya around the time Chavan is expected to garland it on October 2.
On the basis of anonymity senior officials of state government alleged that Prithviraj Chavan is incompetent to take decision in this case. On the other hand Chavan said that to discuss on this issue meeting will be called soon.

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