Ministry of Urban Development invests Rs 4,404crore in basic urban infrastructure

Ministry of Urban Development invests Rs 4,404crore in basic urban infrastructure

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-Rs.4, 404crore more investment in basic urban infrastructure approved in 8 States/UTs for 2016-17
-Centre to provide assistance of Rs.2, 085crore
-Karnataka to invest Rs.1, 625 crore, Andhra Pradesh-Rs.877 cr, Bihar-Rs.775 cr, Telangana-Rs.555 crore Haryana-Rs.525 crore
-UD Ministry clears total investment of Rs.44,401 cr under Atal Mission so far
-Drainage networks to be improved at a cost of Rs.1,146 cr
-AMRUT Action Plans for the next three years to be cleared later this year

Ministry of Urban Development today approved an investment of Rs.4, 404 cr in augmenting water supply, sewerage networks, drainage, urban transport and public and green spaces in urban areas in 8 States and UTs under Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT) for the current financial year. An inter-ministerial Apex Committee chaired by Shri Rajiv Gauba, Secretary (Urban Development) has approved the State Level Annual Action Plans (SAAP) of these 8 States/UTs.

Investments approved were; Karnataka – Rs.1,625 cr, Andhra Pradesh-Rs.877 cr, Bihar-Rs.775 cr, Telangana-Rs.555 cr, Haryana-Rs.525 cr, Nagaland-Rs.40 cr, Dadra, Nagar & Haveli-Rs.3.70 cr and Andaman & Nicobar Islands-Rs.3.18 cr.

Total central assistance to be provided to these 8 States and UTs is Rs.2, 085 cr and the details are: Karnataka-Rs.772 cr, Bihar-Rs.388 cr, Andhra Pradesh-Rs.352 cr, Telangana-Rs.277 cr, Nagaland-Rs.36 cr besides the total project to be borne by the central government for the two Union Territories.

Under AMRUT, committed total central assistance of Rs.50, 000 cr for the five year mission period is allocated among the States/UTs based on urban population and number of statutory Urban Local Bodies in each State/UT and SAAP are accordingly formulated by States/UTs. Remainder of the project cost is to be born States, UTs and ULBs.

Earlier during the current financial year i. e 2016-17, the Ministry of Urban Development approved total investments of Rs.19, 213 cr under Atal Mission for 20 States/UTs taking the total investments approved to Rs.23, 627 cr with a central assistance commitment of Rs.8, 655 cr.

Under Atal Mission which was launched in June last year, the total investment approved in basic infrastructure in urban areas in 500 mission cities stands at Rs.44,401 cr with total central assistance commitment of Rs.20,634 cr.

Under Atal Mission, States/UTs have proposed an investment of Rs.1,146 cr in improving drainage networks in urban areas. As against the investment approved of Rs.281 cr in this regard during 2015-16, the Ministry of Urban Development has so far approved and investment of Rs.759 cr so far during the current financial year.

During the Apex Committee meeting, Shri Rajiv Gauba, Secretary (UD) informed the States/UTs that annual action plans for the remaining three years of Atal Mission will be considered and approved in one go in the last quarter of this financial year to enable States/UTs for proper planning and execution of the project to realise the mission goals as envisaged by the last year of the mission i.e 2019-20.

Under Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT), ensuring water supply connections to all the urban households besides water supply @ 135 liters per capita per day is accorded top priority followed by improving sewerage networks, storm water drains and urban transport with focus on non-motorized transport. Every mission city is required to provide/ develop at least one park each year.

Details of annual action plans approved under AMRUT today are as below:

(Rs. Cr)

State/UT Total investment


















karnataka 1,625 772 726 727 119 17 35


  877 352 488 269 102 18 18
Bihar   775 388 628 124 24
Telangana   555 277 502   40 13
Harayana   525 255 245 154   98   4
Nagaland     40   36     4   35    1



      3.70     3.70    3.51   0.09
Andaman &



     3.18    3.18   3.10   0.08


Under AMRUT, central assistance is provided to the tune of 50% of project cost if the population of mission cities is less than 10 lakhs each and one third of project cost if the population is more than 10 lakhs each, 90% of the project cost for hilly and North-Eastern States and total project cost for UTs.


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