Ministry setting targets for Infrastructure development –FY 2013-14

By Accommodation Times News Service

It seems that the Ministry is in full swing to meet their ‘’infrastructure development’’ targets by year 2013-14. A group of ministries, Finance Minister, Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission and Ministers and Secretaries and key infrastructures ministries i.e. power, coal, roads, railways and civil aviation has been continuously meeting and bringing put the performance of each of them. A very detailed target has been set through rigorous discussion. The main highlights of the meeting are:

  1. 1. Civil Aviation

a). two international airports at Bhubneshwar and Imphal

b)  Construction 50 new low cost small airports by Airports Authority of India

c)  8 Greenfield Airports: Navi Mumbai, Juhu, Goa, Kannur, Pune Sriperumbudur, Bellary and Raigarh

  1. Ports : two ports at West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh
  2. Railways:  flagship projects of railways such as two Loco Manufacturing Projects , Elevated Rail Corridor , Dedicated Freight Corridor and station redevelopment will be closely monitored.

In addition to the targets, the Prime Minister highlighted the need to ramp up investment in infrastructure to revive investor sentiment. For this purpose, a target of rolling out PPP projects of at least Rs 1lakhcrores in the next six months was set. A steering group is being formed to monitor the award and implementation of projects from among the following on priority:

1)      Mumbai Elevated Rail Corridor                           Rs. 30,000crore

2)      Two Locomotive projects                                     Rs.   5,000cro

3)      Accelerating E-DFC                                                  Rs. 10,000crore

4)      One of the two port projects                              Rs. 10,000crore

5)      Two airport projects                                               Rs. 20,000crore

6)      Power & Transmission projects                         Rs. 40,000crore

Total                                                                                      Rs. 1, 15,000crore

The Prime Minister concluded by reiterating that a lot of work still needs to be done and there should be no slackening of the pace of work.

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