MMRDA’s “GREEN” projects

By Pallavii Pitale

The World is already alerted regarding the possible repercussions of global warming.

The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority is emphasising on environmentally sustainable economic progress, is planning sustainable development initiatives for the region and is committed  to help the Mumbaikars maintain a sustainable and green environment.

A few months back, MMRDA had joined hands with The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) where both had agreed to develop and implement need-based collaborative programmes in local, national and global context while developing regional infrastructure. The Areas of concerns also included anthology of the environmental status report, estimating the carbon footprints of organisations and evaluating the impact of modern and improved transport projects undertaken by MMRDA on the environment.

India’s first ever Mono Rail, that has been introduced by MMRDA, shall bring in many a green benefits for the citizens of Mumbai. The Mono Rail is free of air and noise pollution as it does not require any fossil fuel for its operation and runs on a narrow 0.8-meter beam with the help of rubber tyres which  produces very little noise. It will help save all the fuel needed for public and private transport and the vibration-free Mono will save Mumbaikar’s time as well. Once complete, it will soon take the city towards reduced pollution. On the operational front, Monorail uses regenerative braking. which means when the train brakes, it passes on the electric power back to the system which can be used by other trains running on the system at that time. This can save about 25% of power.

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