MMRDA Budget: 20 lac residents of Mira-Bhayandar & Vasai-Virar soon to get ample water

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By Rohit Sharma


In a move to provide ample amount of water to residents of Mira-Bhayandar and Vasai – Virar the state authority MMRDA has spared Rs 700 crore for the Surya Regional Water Supply Scheme in its Budget 2019-20, today.

Authority in the statement said, “The Budget has spared Rs 704.20 crore for the Surya Regional Water Supply Scheme which will help provide ample water to the 20 lakh residents of the Mira-Bhayandar and Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporations through 88-km long pipeline starting from Suryanagar.”

It added, “The 403 MLD Surya water supply scheme will provide about 218 MLD of water to Mira-Bhayander Municipal Corporation and about 185 MLD of water to Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation daily. This is one such unique water supply system which will use gravity to reach water to its destination saving electricity and related costs.”

In the year 2018-19 the authority allocated Rs 581 crore for the 403 MLD Surya Regional Water Supply Scheme. The estimated cost of the project is Rs 1,611 crore.

“The budget presented by MMRDA looks promising and will bring in the required change for a high pace development. The allocations for Surya regional water supply scheme along with all the infrastructural resources will not only make these western suburbs a more promising location for development but it will also make them more investment-friendly”, said Rohit Poddar, Managing Director Poddar Housing and Development Ltd.

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3 thoughts on “MMRDA Budget: 20 lac residents of Mira-Bhayandar & Vasai-Virar soon to get ample water

  1. Come and see how VVMC have fucked up the roads in the name of pipline . As soon as the election comes they remember theirs work to be done in vasai. Look how they park their yellow and green buses on the main road as if their father owns those roads

  2. Ohh Pls shut up the,you cannot provide water to the heart of a city called Mumbai that is malad what the hell will you pepl provide ample of water to we residents of vasai virar. On my foot.. Show it doing it in a week else don’t give fake promises you hypocrites

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