MMRDA gifts Engineering Marvel to Ulhasnagar

Installation of 42 meters and 80 tonne Arch Span on Waldhuni River
Mumbai 6 July 2010: The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) which has partially opened its Skywalk at Ulhasnagar will soon be completing the overall Skywalk with the State of Art engineering. The MMRDA has placed a 42 meter and 80 tonne Arch span on Waldhuni River that will be connecting to Goshala road at Ulhasnagar.
“The Arch span is of immense importance because it will connect to Ulhasnagar 3 locality, which is a densely populated area with the rest of the city as well as the railway station. The Arch span will be an engineering marvel for Ulhasnagar”, said Mr. Ratnakar Gaikwad, Metropolitan commissioner, MMRDA. The advantage of the Arch span is that it will provide free connectivity especially in monsoon when the Waldhuni River over flows through the roads. The additional advantage of the Arch span is that it will provide safety and will also be convenient for commuters commuting on daily basis, adds Mr. Gaikwad further.
This project was a technical challenge for MMRDA as it took 2 days for the installation of the Arch span along the Waldhuni river side where 3 big boom heavy capacity cranes were used.
The Ulhasnagar skywalk is been connected to Ulhasnagar east west flyover, Chandibai College, Ulhasnagar City, and Gurudwara side road and currently it will be connecting to Goshala road. The total length of this Skywalk is almost skywalk is 1 km with approximate cost of Rs. 29.17 crore. Approximately 50,000 commuters commute at the partially opened Ulhasnagar Skywalk on daily basis.

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