MMRDA issues Letter to contractor to install Noise Barriers

MMRDA issues Letter of Intent to contractor to install Noise Barriers
BKC residents to enjoy Sound sleep very soon!
These barriers are India’s first systematic and technically designed noise barriers
M/s.Fracasso (I) Pvt.Ltd. to install noise barriers from Kala Nagar to Income Tax Building Junction
Mumbai, March 29, 2010 – The residents of the Bandra-Kurla Complex will soon enjoy sound sleep as the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) has issued Letter of Intent to M/s. Fracasso (I) Pvt. Ltd. to install noise barriers on the 1150 meter stretch from Kala Nagar to Income Tax Building junction. The task of installation of noise barriers is expected to be completed in six months.
“Responding to complaints from the residents of the Bandra-Kurla Complex; MMRDA undertook noise mapping exercise on the 4 km Bandra-Kurla Link Road. The study involved steps such as Noise Propagation Modeling, Acoustic Design and finalizing material and type of the noise barriers”, said Mr.Dilip Kawathkar, Joint Project Director (PR), MMRDA.
The study involved noise wave propagation and modeling the same to find out building-wise and floor-wise noise levels. The study also took care of the fact that the material that will be used for the barriers is anti-theft (useless or priceless otherwise) and vandalism-proof.
“The 4 km study underlined the 1150 meter stretch from Kala Nagar to Income Tax Building junction which showed noise levels ranging from 65 to 98 decibels. It also suggested that 5-meter tall noise barriers will bring down the decibel levels up to 55”, said Mr.S.R.Nandargikar, Chief Engineer, MMRDA. The study was conducted by M/s. Metel-mecannica, Italy.
MMRDA had invited tenders for the 8.68 crore project in the month of January this year to which seven agencies responded and finally three of them submitted the tender documents. M/s. Fracasso (I) Pvt. Ltd. won the contract for their lowest quotations. While M/s. Fracasso (I) Pvt. Ltd. had filed tenders with minus 5.15% of the project cost, Iac Acoustic Technology, China, had filed tenders with 34% and Hwakyong Entop Co. Ltd., Korea, had filed tenders with 3.50 above the project cost.

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2 thoughts on “MMRDA issues Letter to contractor to install Noise Barriers

  1. The stretch of JVLR  from I.I.T Market to BSNL Colony  produces lot of noise due to faulty mild steel covers provided to manholes of water lines are causing so much noise when a vehicle passes over it making it difficult for residents in nearby buildings to sleep. I wish MMRDA is wise enough to consider the plight of we the middle class community as compared to people living in BKC area.

  2. Dear Virdi,
    This is for your kind Infromation, the mentioned area is under on-going Noise Study and Barrier Design during June-July 2010. The problem already noted myself during the Noise Survey and highlighted to concern department. Since, our INDIA started developing with fast track, everyone is looking about the environmental impacts. Lets grow part by part with everyones efforts, I am sure the problem will be solved soon. We especially at IMI Acoustics will always keeps our ear for unwanted sounds (NOISE) in INDIA with VISION-2020. With warm regards, A D Lonappan, Acoustics Specialist Cosultant, IMI Acoustics & Noise Control India.

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