MMRDA urges commuters to use given directions on Sahara Elevated road

By Accommodation Times News Services

Sahara Elevated RoadThe new Sahara Signal-Free Elevated Road is been started for public use, since one week and commuters have started utilizing the elevated road. But, in the first week only some instances of mere collisions are witnessed at the beginning point of the road. Therefore, the Mumbai Metropolitan Development Authority has installed additional directions boards for the commuters on the way to the new airport terminal, T2.

They have directed the commuters that while coming from south on the WEH should keep right on the Domestic Airport flyover to enter the underpass and commuters coming from the south side of the Santacruz Domestic Airport flyover on the Western Express Highway need to use the newly constructed underpass immediately after coming down from the ramp of the Flyover to take the Sahar Elevated Road to reach the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport Terminal-2 in a mere five minutes.

The authority has installed instruction boards on the flyover as well as on the Western Express Highway to inform the commuters about keeping to the right to take this underpass. Commuters not bound for Terminal-2 on the north bound carriageway should not take the right most lane of the flyover while coming down on the ramp and head straight towards Andheri. Commuters using the north bound slip lanes by the side of the flyover cannot enter this underpass located on the right side of the north bound carriageway on the Western Express Highway.

Commuters coming from North viz. Goregaon-Dahisar on WEH should use the Andheri flyover and take left turn to CSI Airport near the Airport Colony to raach Terminal 2. Exiting Commuters towards South viz. Bandra-Churchgate and Sion must take left turn from Sahar Elevated road Exit arm to take WEH. Exiting Commuters towards North viz. Goregaon-Dahisar must take left turn from Sahar Elevated road Exit arm, take WEH and then ‘U’ Turn from under the Domestic Airport flyover at Santacruz Airport Junction.

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