MMRDA’s regional plan 2016-36 opposed by Thane town planners, experts



By Accommodation Times Bureau

THANE: Several experts and town planners from the city have united to voice their opposition to the regional plan 2016-36 being prepared by the Mumbai Metropolitan Regional Development Authority(MMRDA) for the Mumbai Metropolitan Region.

Activists from Thane alleged the draft plan was prepared without consultation of urban local bodies without coordination with special planning authorities and experts from the city. While the plan seems to recklessly destroy the green patch of Ghodbunder, the potential of the city for developing inland water system has also been overlooked, including no concrete plan for saving the lakes and water bodies here, lamented the experts.

“The Ghodbunder Road has been proposed as ‘Urbanizable Zone’- where the land use would be dedicated to various construction activities opening up land for commercial use of the area. Needless to say, the green cover and water bodies will be lost in the process. We object to the zone being declared as ‘solely urbanizable’ and demand for conservation of rivulets, lakes, ponds, greenery by means of buffer zones,” said Mayuresh Bhadsavle, an urban policy researcher. Experts also rued the fact that there was no mention of heritage sites in the plan despite it having a great heritage and maritime history.

“The draft plan has been prepared without consultation of urban local bodies and experts. The Development Plan prepared by the TMC could possibly be superseded by this regional plan that has also asked for changing certain provisions in Thane’s development plan. This policy of sidelining elected representatives and urban local body is highly objectionable,” echo experts who will approach the MMRDA with their objections on 21st April

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