Model Residential Tenancy Act

By A T Bureau
The Minister for Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation Kumari Selja has said that the Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation has prepared a draft Model Residential Tenancy Act, 2011 to promote rental housing in line with the National Urban Housing and Habitat Policy-2007.

In a written reply in the Lok Sabha today she said, the salient features of draft Model Residential tenancy Act 2011 are as under:-

1. The Model Act proposes to establish a framework for the regulation of Residential Tenancy matters and to balance the rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants including a process of fast adjudication process for resolution of disputes.

2. The Model Act proposes that rent of a housing unit should be fixed by mutual agreement between the landlord and the tenant for a stipulated lease period.

3. It provides for constitution of Rent Tribunals to adjudicate on disputes as arising between the landlord and the tenant and other connected matters, and the constitution of a Rent Appellate Tribunal to hear appeals against the orders of the Rent Tribunal.

She said, amendment of Rent Control Laws balancing the interest of landlords and tenants is one of the reforms under JNNURM. The draft Model Residential Tenancy Act 2011 has been circulated to State Governments/UTs vide letter dated 4.3.2011 for comments. The response of State Governments is awaited. It is not possible to indicate time frame as the Model Residential Tenancy Act, 2011 is to be adopted by the States.

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4 thoughts on “Model Residential Tenancy Act

  1. The model rent act 2011 must be adopted by the Maharahtra Government at the earliest.Tenants in Mumbai are living in 2000 sq ft flats pay Rs.200 a month.At Rs.300 a bag of cement and Rs.400 for clearing drains,how can a landlord maintain his property.Tenant bodies keep on crying that pagdi was paid when properties were taken on rent,but there was a time in Mumbai when tenants could not be found and tenants took flats on rent on their terms without any payment of pagdi and in fact made various demands like free water and electricity along with rent

  2. ? Dr.Radha Raman Agrawal
    The modal Residential Tenancy act,2011 is balancing act.The all states and union territory of india must enforce this during thi financial year 2011-12 .hon supreme court also favoured this act. only some miscreants and dishonest and corrupt persons may not be agree because they are in malpractice of extorting money from the landlord on the pretext of some and other .The lower court also takes the benefits of present act.The honest govts.must announce Modal residential act,2011 at once to provide the relief to both landlords and tenants
    Dr.Radha Raman Agrawal Advocate,
    x/3679 st.No.7 Shanti Mohall,
    Gandhi Nagar,Delhi-31.

  3. The states and Union Territories ruled by congress Party should have at least adopted by now The Model Residential Tenancy Act,2011, as it is prepared by the central govt.Ministry, governed by central Govt and formed by Congress Party. It is matter of great regret that this balancing Act is not adopted by any states or Union Territories. Is it a political game with the innocent public ? The central Govt of Congress Party should express its intention behind this enactment .

  4. Is 50/- Rs a rent now a days for a shop . Also many tenents are giving there shop on rent . They are taking rent as per new rent from there subtenents . Thre sub tenency they are not showing legaly It is mitullly done bet tenent & subtenent . It means that all escapes available with tenents but no escape for land lord in his own house . Tenents rights inherits withut going in to court but for landloard he has to go to court west the time west money. Again westing of time and money is in favour of tenetf What is this ? Every thing is in favur of tenets in owners house . Even polyticians for votes are in favour of tenenes Is s it Lokshahi ?

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