Modi speaks on Land acquisition Act issue, says amendments will benefit farmers

By Accommodation Times News Services

narendra modiThe central government is aiming to amend land acquisition Act, but the government is facing strong oppose from opposition for not bringing the changes. Looking at the situation Prime Minister Narendra Modi, spoke out regarding the issue and making it clearing that they will continue with their plans.

Modi chaired a meeting with NDA for discussing the amendments, to make the legislation more “effective” and “farmer-friendly”. During the meeting PM assured that the bill will be beneficial for farmers and the amendments brought will be in favour of them. Further he said, the amendments are brought with  consultations and suggestions of  by Congress-ruled states and their chief ministers. He asked party MPs to “bust the myths” propagated by opposition parties on it.

The BJP and NDA leaders to held one more meeting today evening to discuss and work out means for further improvements.

“It was reiterated at the Parliamentary Party that we are for the welfare of farmers and every step that this government will take will be for the welfare of farmers, for the welfare of the poor and the downtrodden,” Union Minister Rajiv Pratap Rudy said at the meeting.

As per the sources PM instructed MPs that there was need to correct the “wrong-doings” of the previous governments, while noting that BJP can never take an “anti-farmer” stand on the bill.

“A meeting of Parliamentarians of NDA, including those of the party, will be held to deliberate on issues on how to make the land acquisition bill more effective so as to benefit the farmers, the poor and the downtrodden. For this, a discussion will take place this evening between MPs and concerned Ministers of these departments,” Rudy said.

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