Monorail finally to rail out on January 26

monorail complete





By Accommodation Times News Service

After months of delay Mumbai’s monorail project is finally to set roll out in the next few days. The inauguration run would be on January 26 as it has received its final safety certification. The MMRDA is waiting for intimation from the state government on the day of the launch.

MMRDA commissioner UPS Madan said we have received the final safety certificate and sent it to state government. Once the state government notifies the project we will start the monorail service for public. The retire officer of the railway who carried out the 3 day safety procedure said, I have gone through all aspects of the projects and it is found to be technically sound. Although I have suggested a few minor changes it can be started for public. I have conveyed it to MMRDA.

After missing several deadlines the monorail was supposed to be operational on the 8.8km Chembur –Wadala stretch. According to the source the monorail can be started for public anytime we just need a nod from the state government.

However MMRDA had to extend the deadline further after every month due to technical and safety certification issues.

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