Monorail integration with CR, WR and Harbour Line

Railway stations of Mahalakshmi, Curry Road, Parel, Wadala Station, Chembur and GTB Nagar to be integrated

Mumbai 26 November 2010: Mumbai’s first monorail corridor on Sant Gadge Maharaj Chowk – Wadala – Chembur route will have integration with the Central Railway, Western Railway and Harbour Line.
The monorail stations near local railway stations will be connected at Mahalakshmi on Western Railway, Curry Road and Parel on Central Railway, and Wadala Road Station and GTB Nagar on Harbour line. There would be total 17 stations including, 10 from Sant Gadge Maharaj Chowk to Wadala and 7 stations from Wadala to Chembur.
Mr. Dilip Kawathkar, Joint Project Director (PR), Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) said, “This project is first of its kind which is providing connectivity of mass rapid transit system with suburban railway lines. The commutation is very difficult on these routes in absence of an effective mass transportation system as city buses also suffer due to heavy traffic in peak hours. We are expecting travel time on Section one of 25 minutes and on Section two as 19 minutes.”
The design speed of the monorail is 80kmph and the overall speed including dwell time at stations would be around 31kmph. The operational hours would be from 5 am to midnight. The distance from Sant Gadge Maharaj Chowk to Wadala on the first section is 11.28km and on the section two between Wadala to Chembur is 8.26km. As per traffic estimates, Peak hour per direction traffic (PHPDT) by 2016 would be around 7500 and total Corridor Ridership per day is expected to be 1.25 lakh..
The master plan of monorail for MMR has been prepared by M/s. Lea Associates, South Asia Private Limited. The plan is prepared accounting the projected travel demands in the year 2021 and 2031 with the travel habits, present and future commercial and business centres, developing growth centers, and region’s potential for redevelopment etc. Seven corridors of monorail have been identified including, Mulund – Borivali (30km), Virar Railway Station – Chikhaldongri Rental Housing Scheme (4.6km), Lokhandwala – SEEPZ – Kanjurmarg (13.14km), Thane/Naupada- Bivandi-Kalyan (25 kms), Kalyan – Ulhasnagar- Dombivali (26.4km), Ghatkopar – Koperkhairane (15.72km) and Mhape – Shil Phata – Kalyan (21.1km).
Total monorail network of about 135 km is recommended for development from year 2011 to 2031 in phases at the total cost of Rs 20,000 crore.

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