Mumbai Builders on rate cards now according to their work:BMC

ajoy mehta

By Accommodation Times News Service

The municipal corporation of Mumbai has decided to grade the developers of the city according to their work. The one who completes their work will get higher grade

The Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation will rank the builders and architects on the basis of their completed projects and will share the details in public domain to help the buyers buy property. Now the governing body has decided to grade them according to their work so as to the buyers don’t have to go by the perception of the agents, builders or architects while buying their homes. BMC says, it is very difficult for the customers to verify any property as they don’t have any proper mechanism that can tell all the rules were followed during construction.

One of the officials who claimed anonymous said the civic officials are working on the entire gamut of criteria that they need to include in the grading system. After finalizing the required standards they will put it on the building proposal page of the civic authority’s website within a month.

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