Mumbai Collector Took the Needed Step To Remind Residents with 99-Year Leases

bmcBy Accommodation Times Bureau

The city Collector has undertaken significant measures in favor of BMC, regarding
the cases of 99-years- old tenants in Mumbai. The collector has put up boards
outside such constructions on Marine Drive, Colaba, Fort and Mazgaon. This step
is taken to remind the lease holders that the government owns these properties.
The Residents – many of whom have been paying rents as low as Rs 5 and Rs 8
per year – are upset at this turn of events. The certificates also mention the expiry
dates of their 99-year- old leases.
The leases of 691 properties are expired; out of the 1307 that the Collector owns
in Mumbai. Around 585 boards have been put up till date. Collector Sampada
Mehta gave information that the motive behind this exercise was to remind the
tenants living there that the ultimate ownership rests with the government ,and also
so that they come forward to renew their leases.
The lease rentals are set to go up as per the Government Resolution (GR) of
December 12, 2012. "We have put up boards as per the High Court order of April
1, 2016. We want everyone to know that the buildings are government properties.
The intention is also for lessees to come forward to renew their leases," said
This exercise by the collector has rattled some residents, who fear they will have to
shell out higher rentals once their lease expires. However, the Collector clarified

that the government would not ask for the market value but go by the calculation in
the GR of 2012.
The notice boards are put up on all the buildings, and not just on those whose
leases are expired or expiring soon. On C Road in Marine Drive, for instance, the
lease of Hari Niwas, will expire after 35 years. Kanwal Shahpuri one more resident
says, "The collector has put the boards on the pavement outside our buildings and
passers-by will think we are defaulters. This isn’t fair to our image. We do not
understand this notice, how do they expect the general public to understand it?
There are still 35 years remaining for our lease to expire and they want to defame
and insult us in this open manner".

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